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Find Segment Rings, Hinged Segment Rings, Continuous Rings and Screw-In Ball Rings Online in Australia

Body piercing rings are extremely versatile jewellery, with the possible size and diameter options making it suitable for a huge range of piercings. However, there are many different styles of rings that have their own unique aesthetics, benefits and possibilities. Segment Rings, with their completely smooth continuous shape are the perfect completely circular ring. Screw-In Ball Rings are the ultimate option when you are looking for the Ball Closure Ring look but still being able to remove the ball easily. Continuous Rings are an innovative ring enabling easy and quick removal. Many of our body jewellery rings are available in heavy gauge sizes for those stretched piercings!

Having such a wide range of body piercing rings available in our online store, we believe that you’ll easily find a body piercing ring that is the style you want and yet fits perfectly with your piercing. Have a look around now and find that perfect piece of jewellery!

Quality Body Jewellery Rings at an affordable price

Across our huge range of body jewellery, we make sure that each and every one of our products meet the very highest standards for body piercing applications.

Have a question about our any of our Segment, Continuous and Screw-In Ball Rings?

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