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Organic Body Jewellery

Various organic materials have been used as jewellery throughout history. Tribes and ancient civilisations wore many of the materials that we still offer. There is so much beauty in these natural materials with each having their own textures and unique visual appeal. But the positives of these materials goes beyond beauty and looks with the organic aspect of body jewellery resulting in a comfortable natural feel in your piercing. We sell some great wooden jewellery in a range of different woods with their own unique textures and colours. For those looking for stones and gemstones, we have a range of both those and have categorised them seperately for ease.

Organics For Healed Piercings

Organics (Wood, horn and bone) are slightly porous and so are recommended for healed piercings. This porous aspect of the material has the benefit of absorbing some of the bodies natural oils and therefore can reduce some of the buildup experienced with stretched piercings. Nevertheless, it is always good to clean and care for your piercings as well as your organic jewellery.

Caring for your Organic Jewellery

Firstly, try to avoid submerging your organic jewellery in water, that means removing them when showering or swimming. This also gives you a chance to clean your piercings without jewellery in them