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Bioplast Body Piercing Jewellery

Bioplast has been a popular material for body jewellery for a number of years now. Bioplast is a biocompatible polymer, which has many features which make it an excellent choice for body piercing jewellery.

  • Flexibility: Bioplast is highly flexible which  is its flexibility.
  • Light: Being a polymer, Bioplast is extremely light
  • Soft: It is softer than the metal alternatives so it is more forgiving when worn in oral piercings.
  • Bio-compatible: A low friction co-efficient helps with healing and no nickel means no allergic reactions.

All the above features results in extremely comfortable wear. The Bioplast labret studs can help with a more comfortable safer option as it sits against the gums. While even in nose studs and ear piercings (especially helix and cartilage piercings) the flexibility of Bioplast is a huge benefit.
Bioplast creates perfect piercing retainers due to the clear colour and it’s flexbility, so if you need to hide your piercing or remove your metal jewellery for a period then take a look at our retainer range now.

Australia's best range of Bioplast Body Jewellery

From Bioplast Jewelled Nose Studs to Tongue Retainers, we have a great range of Bioplast body jewellery. There is a good chance we have exactly what you are looking for no matter what piercing you have.

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