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Buy High Quality 9ct, 14ct and 18ct Gold from Australia’s Online Body Jewellery Experts

With it’s wonderfully unique colour and historical association with beauty, wealth and power, gold has been used to adorn the body for thousands of years. However, for body piercing applications, one must ensure only high quality gold and workmanship are employed in the creation of gold body jewellery.

Under our commitment to safety and quality, PierceOff is pleased to provide a wonderful range of premium gold body piercing jewellery for our customers. We only stock specific body jewellery in the grades of gold that we know to be safe for use in it’s intended application. With this in mind, 14ct and 18ct gold are the most appropriate standard for threaded body piercing jewellery. These two gold standards strike the balance of purity whilst still maintaining hardness to ensure the jewellery threads longevity.

It’s so easy and safe to purchase from PierceOff!

Not only do we have the best and largest range of body jewellery online in Australia, but we provide great customer service to ensure the shopping experience is the best it can be. Our shop also has a safe and secure checkout, so you never have to worry about your details. It’s so easy and safe to purchase from PierceOff, so take advantage of our free shipping deals and have some quality body jewellery sent to you today!