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Ear Piercing Jewellery - Earrings, Rings, Studs & Barbells

There are so many possibilities when it comes to ear piercings beyond the traditional ear lobe piercing and with this comes the wide selection of jewellery and jewellery types. These ear piercings look super cool either as standalone piercings or as part of a unique combination of ear piercings.  Ear piercings are the most popular types of piercings and so here at Pierceoff we have an extensive range of body jewellery for all piercing locations, whether you have extra lobe piercings, upper ear, tragus, helix, snug, rook, conch, any other of the cartilage piercings or all of the above!

Types of Ear Piercings

Snug, rook, helix, tragus, conch, daith, lobes - there are so many different ear piercings available now, with their own unique looks, healing times and appropriate jewellery. Below is a handy chart to show you the locations and names of various ear piercings.

Ear Piercing Chart, Types of Ear Piercings

Healing Times for Ear Piercings

Healing and aftercare is a very individual thing, but as a guide earlobe piercings take approximately 2 months to heal while cartilage piercings take longer at approximately 4 months.  Ear lobes have a lot more blood flow than ear cartilage areas which results in faster healing times. It goes without saying that aftercare, hygiene and generally looking after your piercing are hugely important factors in how quickly your piercing heals (as well as not changing jewellery to soon).

Types of Ear Piercing Jewellery

Thankfully many of the ear piercings are quite versatile in what types of jewellery you can wear, most accommodating both rings and studs/barbells. Our range contains a wonderful selection of jewellery in all types from jewelled flat-backed studs in an array of colours, to traditional titanium and surgical stainless steel polish, ball closure rings and circular barbells. There has been some great new developments in body jewellery with hinged segment rings providing a great easy to use solution when it came to the classic issue of inserting and removing rings. We also provide retainers if for some reason you have to hide your piercing.