Buy Body Piercing Jewellery Components Online in Australia

Make your own unique piece from scratch or replace your existing hardware with our range of components. Here at PierceOff, we give you the flexibility to mix and match components with any attachments by allowing you to buy components individually rather than the whole complete piece of jewellery. This opens up endless possibilities allowing you to create new and unique products.

Even though we have such a large range of existing jewellery, there is even more options when you make use of our component pieces and start adding your choice of attachments to them. Just make sure to check on the compatibility of the attachments so that they make a perfect match.

So easy to buy components and body piercing jewellery

PierceOff make it so easy to make custom pieces of jewellery. Just jump on our online shop, browse the range, pick a component and then some attachments. Soon you could have a custom piece of jewellery being delivered straight to your door!