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Titanium for Body Piercing Jewellery

With it's superb quality Titanium has long been the material for quality body jewellery. Titanium is lightweight (approximately 45% lighter than surgical steel) which results in more comfortable jewellery and less pressure on your piercings. It also has excellent bio-compatibility being resistant to corrosion from bodily fluids and virtually "Nickel-Free".  Anyone who has experienced allergies or reactions to metals would do well to change to Titanium jewellery with it's hypoallergenic properties and we always recommend it wherever possible.

Titanium can also be anodised without effecting the safety of the material, which opens up a range of great colour choices beyond the classic plain polish. PVD coating (an inert, scratch-resistant coating) gives rise to our Blackline and Zircon Gold ranges, the original and best Black jewellery and Gold body jewellery ranges on earth which still retain all of the benefits of Titanium.

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We have always been strong advocates of Titanium body jewellery as a central part of our focus on bringing high-quality, affordable and the latest body jewellery to our customers. Our range of jewellery has always reflected that with Titanium Nose Studs, Circular Barbells, Barbells and newer body jewellery such as Hinged Rings or Open Nose Rings.  All our Titanium is Grade 23 and ASTM-F136 6AI-4V-ELI. Through our easy to use online store, we make it quick and easy for you to get the best body jewellery delivered straight to your door.  So buy some Titanium body jewellery and say welcome to happier, healthier piercings!

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