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Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

Eyebrow piercings on the surface seem to go in and out of fashion, but for body piercing enthusiasts they never go out of style. There is a natural ebb and flow to all piercings in the mainstream and eyebrows piercings are definitely on the up again! Eyebrow piercings are another level up from ear or nose piercings and really do indicate an arrival firmly in “body piercing” territory.

Eyebrow piercings are commonly placed vertically on the outer side of the eyebrow. But of late, we have been seeing new placements and configurations of ear piercings that result in unique and different looks. Double centred vertical eyebrow piercings have caught our eye, with the piercings placed more centrally on the eyebrow. Double eyebrow piercings (one on each brow) in general add another dimension (obviously with a little bit of symmetry) to eyebrow piercings, in the past the single eyebrow piercing being favoured. Double or multiple piercings on one side or horizontal eyebrow piercings are some other great choices. Whatever placement or arrangement you go, eyebrows are a fantastic fashion statement for everyone.

Types of Eyebrow Jewellery

As for jewellery, eyebrow piercings are most commonly seen worn with a curved bar. Sometimes called a banana (due to it’s obvious resemblance), this jewellery consists of a curved bar and round balls either end. 1.2mm (16ga) is the thickness that eyebrows are pierced with, whilst 8mm is the stem length is the most common size. Initial piercings will be done with a longer bar to accommodate swelling and then a change to a smaller and better fitting bar is needed after the piercing is healed. Rings provide another great option for eyebrow piercings, ball closure rings, hinged segment rings, circular barbells are all extremely great options!

Our Range of Eyebrow Jewellery

Our range of body jewellery is huge and we have not only rings and curved bars that are suitable for eyebrow piercings but also eyebrow piercing specific items. In our webstore, you can find the essential Titanium and Surgical Stainless Steel body jewellery options. Additionally, we have Gold jewellery options, both 14ct and 18ct gold as well as Bright Gold and Rose Gold alternatives (PVD coated surgical stainless steel). For those that love black jewellery we have Blackline and Black Steel and we also have great Bioplast pieces for a flexible, comfortable eyebrow bar! Jewelled eyebrow bars with forward facing jewels add a bit of sparkle or coned bananas amongst some fancy designs. As you can see, we cater for everyone’s tastes and styles.