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Lip and Labret Piercing Jewellery

Lip piercings have always been a popular choice with so many style options available and regardless of your choice of jewellery, lip and labret piercings always impress.  Our range of lip piercing jewellery caters for all requirements and individual styles so make sure you browse our range.

Types of Lip Piercings

There are a range of different placements and combinations for lip piercings, so read on to get up to speed.

  • Labret - The labret is the main piercing most think of when they talk about lip piercings. It usually refers to a piercing below the bottom lip and either centrally located or at the side. Both labret studs and rings are suitable for this piercing.
  • Vertical Labret - A variation of the labret, the vertical labret is pierced with a curved barbell (bananabell) and is pierced from the normal labret position but out through the top of the lower lip rather than to the inside of the lip. Therefore there is no part of the jewellery on the inside of the mouth at all.
  • Medusa/Philtrum - A philtrum piercing or commonly called a medusa is a centrally located upper lip piercing, situated directly under the septum. Labret studs are the jewellery of choice for this type of piercing. A variation of the Philtrum is the Jestrum which is a vertical version using a curved barbell, both balls being visible, one in the standard Philtrum position whilst the other ball sits on the underside of the upper lip (essentially a top lip version of the vertical labret).
  • Madonna/Marilyn/Monroe - A Madonna and Monroe are top lip piercings situated off-center, the Marilyn or Monroe placed on the left side resembling Marilyn Monroe's famous beauty spot. Needless to say a Madonna piercing is one placed on the right side of the face in similarity to Madonna's beauty spot.
  • Snakebites - Snakebites are dual labret piercings placed on either side of the lower lip. Variations include Spiderbites (dual labret piercings on one side), Sharkbites (dual labret piercings on both sides of the lower lip, four piercings in total) and Caninebites (dual lip piercings on either side of the top lip).
  • Dahlia - Dual lip piercings place at the absolute sides (or corners) of the mouth.
  • Ashley - Essentially an inverse vertical labret, where the only visiible part of the jewellery is the ball sitting on the top of the bottom lip. The other side of the jewellery sits on the inside of the lip. Labret Studs are the main type of body jewellery used for this more uncommon piercing.

Types of Lip & Labret Jewellery

Generally speaking, most lip and labret piercings are initially done with a labret stud. This type of jewellery is perfect as it has a flat disc-shaped back to sit inside your lip ensuring a comfortable fit. However, people do love the look of the lip ring and anyone can see why! We have some great options if you are wanting this look with open nose rings a great option as well as hinged segment rings or circular barbells.

Materials Choices for Lip Piercings

Lip and labret piercings do not come without risk due to the possibility of gum recession or enamel wear. This happens when the back of the body jewellery rubs on the gumline or the teeth and results in enamel wear or a receding gumline. Be sure to keep an eye on your teeth and gums and seek professional help (piercer and/or dentist) if you notice any changes or issues. 

Body jewellery material choices can help with the above issues. Bioplast is a great option for lip piercings with it being soft and flexible. At Pierceoff we always recommend internally threaded Titanium whereever possible, the lack of exposed threads is better for your piercing when the post or stem is inserted or removed.

Lip Piercing Inspiration:

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