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Body Jewellery Materials

Material choice is an important decision to make when selecting body jewellery. At Pierceoff, our range of body jewellery is always the best and highest quality so you feel safe and secure when purchasing from us, Having said that, some materials are more for temporary use whilst other materials have some superior characteristics which can be really make a huge difference especially when it comes to those with metal allergies or sensitive skin.


Titanium is the material we will always recommend when we can. It is lightweight and hypoallergenic making it great for the aforementioned people who suffer from metal allergies (specifically nickel-sensitivity). Our titanium collection also includes internally threaded (and now threadless) jewellery which has the added benefit of not having exposed threads which means insertion and removal is safer and better for your piercing.

Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical Stainless Steel is a commonly used material for body jewellery. We do not gamble with your health and only stock surgical stainless steel that is of the highest quality suitable for body piercing. So many different body jewellery types and designs are created in this material and so our surgical stainless steel category is the most extensive one across our whole range!


Bioplast is another fantastic material that has become very popular in body jewellery. Having been used in the medical profession, Bioplast is flexible, biocompatible and is perfect for lip and piercings in or around the mouth. It is a biological plastic that also aids healing. Flexibility results in a comfortable piece of body jewellery no matter what piercing you have, helix, tragus, nose piercing, Bioplast is great!