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Female Genital Piercing Jewellery

Searching for jewellery for those special piercings? Here at Pierceoff we have an excellent collection of body jewellery perfect for all those intimate female piercings.  Whether you have a VCH piercing (Vertical Clit Hood), a Christina piercing, Labia piercings or another of the female vagina piercings, we have some great jewellery that you will love!

What are my Jewellery Options?

Curved barbells are the most common type of body jewellery for VCH piercings and some of the other female genital piercings such as the Fourchette, Outer Labia and Christina piercing (although we do have a specific Christina L-Shape Titanium Barbell for maximum comfort). Ball Closure Rings and Straight Barbells can be suitable in some cases, like HCH (Horizontal Clit Hood) piercings and Princess Albertina piercings.

Banner Photo by Minh Dang on Unsplash