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Daith Piercing Jewellery

Ear piercings are what everyone is talking about right now and one that we are excited to hear is growing in popularity is the Daith piercing. Unique and aesthetically pleasing with how it nestles in the ear, it is not surprising that the Daith piercing is having it's time in the spotlight!

If you are not familiar with the daith piercing be sure to check out our Piercing Chart here to see where it is located on the ear.  A cartilage piercing, the daith piercing is located in the crus of the helix, which sits just above the ear canal.

Daith Piercings and Migraines

Many of you may have heard about how a daith piercing can cure migraines. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims and the research that has been done attributes any relief from migraines as being placebo effect. Having said that, some people do claim that a daith piercing has given them some relief (there is an acupressure point in that location which might be the reason) but be mindful that this might not be the case for you.

How much does a Daith Piercing hurt?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different but most agree that it is more painful than the earlobes and more uncomfortable than some of the other cartilage piercings due to the awkward location of the piercing.

How long does a Daith Piercing take to heal?

Just like the pain situation everyone is different when it comes to healing times for piercings. Being a cartilage piercing daith piercings take approximately 4 months to heal with general overall good care for the piercing (good aftercare regime, hygiene and avoiding sleeping on it and/or bumping it.

Suitable jewellery types for Daith Piercings

Jewellery for this type of piercing is between the body jewellery rings and curved bars. We have such a wide selection of jewellery within these two types from jewelled hinged segment rings to simpler traditional micro bananabells.


Banner Photo by Daylane Oliveira from Pexels