Bridge Piercing Jewellery

Bridge piercings offer a distinct aesthetic beyond traditional ear piercings. As the popularity of bridge piercings increases, so does the variety of jewellery options available for this style. At Pierceoff, we are excited to showcase our extensive collection of bridge piercing jewellery, catering to every taste and style preference.

Types of Bridge Piercing Jewellery

Bridge piercings are known for their versatility in jewellery types, primarily accommodating straight barbells and curved barbells. Our selection includes:

  • Straight Barbells: Ideal for a classic look, these come in various lengths and gauges to ensure a perfect fit
  • Curved Barbells: These provide a snug fit and a slightly different aesthetic. Available in multiple sizes and designs
  • Decorative Ends: To personalise your bridge piercing, we offer a range of decorative ends including gemstones, unique shapes, and colourful balls
  • Materials: Our collection features high-quality materials like titanium, surgical stainless steel, and bio-compatible plastics for sensitive skin