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Acrylic Body Piercing Jewellery

In our continued efforts to provide you with the best quality body jewellery we stock a range of acrylic body jewellery that we know are made from quality materials. An infinite amount colours and designs are achievable with acrylic body jewellery while also still being super affordable. As a material, it provides a great bang for your buck!

We only source quality acrylic jewellery (such as PMMA acrylic), Bioplast and Silicone. Generally speaking, acrylic jewellery should be reserved for occasional or temporary use, though acrylic screw-on attachments worn on a quality surgical stainless steel or titanium stem or ring are more suitable for longer use. Those with allergies or sensitive skin are definitely recommended to wear acrylic jewellery for temporary periods.

Screw-on Attachments, Retainers and more!

Our range of acrylic jewellery contains some great screw-on attachments that transform your existing jewellery. We also have some great stretched ear wear and some extremely handy retainers for when you need to temporarily change from standard jewellery.