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Bright Gold Body Piercing Jewellery

Our Bright Gold range delivers you the gold look with all the benefits of surgical stainless steel and without the gold price tag. At Pierceoff we make sure to give you all the options available and this range is no exception. Although gold is a great material steeped in history, it's cost as well as some particular aspects of gold mean that quality alternatives can be a very good option.

What is Bright Gold?

Bright Gold is a 316L surgical stainless steel base to which a 24k layer is added using a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process. This process is where a coating material is vaporised and then deposited onto the surface of a base material. This is all done in a vacuum environment. The result is a hardened, durable, scratch-resistant and most-importantly safe and bio-compatible surface.

Our Bright Gold Range

Our range of Bright Gold jewellery features all the go-to body jewellery items (rings for helix, ear piercings and septums, jewelled nose studs for nose piercings, barbells for an array of piercings and many more). We stock all the basics, so that you can make sure all your jewellery matches if that's your thing but also so that no matter what piercing you have, you can get a Bright Gold piece to fit!

So get that beautifully warm gold colour with all the benefits of quality body jewellery at a super affordable price. What could be better than that?

We make it easy to buy body piercing jewellery online

Here at Pierceoff you can shop by body jewellery type, material or body part. This makes it so quick and easy to buy body jewellery online. You are only a few clicks away from completing your purchase. With shipping options to cater for everyone, including free standard shipping from $15, you can have jewellery delivered straight to your door in no time at all!