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Septum Piercing Jewellery (Septum Rings, Horseshoes & Clickers)

Septum piercings have been riding a wave of popularity for a number of years now. With celebrities and the fashion industry getting on board, this piercing has blasted from body piercing classic to stardom! With this increase in popularity comes a wider variety of styles and piercing jewellery avaliable for septum rings.

We have always had the best range to cater for septum piercings with a huge selection of rings including CBBs (aka horseshoes), Ball Closure Rings and Smooth Segment Rings and now we have the new generation of septum jewellery with Septum Clickers, Hinged Segment Rings, Continuous Rings and more. Jewelled Septum Rings and Decorative Clickers are all the rage now as well as having jewellery in different materials to suit everyone's tastes and skin tones. Make sure you check out our Rose Gold, Bright Gold and Brass jewellery as well as the classic Titanium (with it's lightweight, hypo-allergenic benefitis) or the trusty Surgical Stainless Steel.

Buy Septum Jewellery From PierceOff

Buy septum jewellery with confidence from PierceOff knowing that you are getting the highest quality body jewellery as well as excellent customer service. We not only ship orders out quickly so that you can enjoy your new septum jewellery sooner but offer great deals on shipping! Standard shipping of within Australia is completely free of charge when you spend over $15, no ifs or buts. Enjoy free Registered Postage for orders of $40 or more and free Express Postage for orders of $85 or more.

You will be sure to find many must-have pieces of body piercing jewellery on our site, if you are looking for the pefect septum piercing jewellery look no further, start shopping now!