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Rose Gold Body Piercing Jewellery

Rose Gold has such a lovely lustrous tone that we could not resist adding a Rose Gold range of body jewellery. So now you can get that beautiful rose coloured gold tone without that gold price tag and without compromising on quality. You will be so surprised that our Rose Gold range actually is surgical stainless steel with an innovative and safe rose gold finish. The end result is that perfect shade we know you will be super happy with.

Our Rose Gold Range Explained

So how do we acheive that beautiful rose gold shade on surgical stainless steel? Well, our Rose Gold jewellery is made when a lustrous rose gold layer is added to the surface of a 316L surgical stainless steel base using a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process. In a vacuum environment, a coating material is vaporised and then deposited onto the surface of a base material. The final product is a hardened, durable, scratch-resistant and most-importantly safe and bio-compatible surface on a quality 316L surgical stainless steel base.

Rose Gold Labrets, Nose Studs and much more!

Our Rose Gold range includes all the classic items of body jewellery that are core pieces of everyone's jewellery collection. Barbells, labret studs, plain or jewelled nose studs and bananabells but also the newest trends and innovations. New Septum fashions, nipple jewellery as well as hinged segment rings: an absolute game changer.