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Prince Albert Rings, Ampallang Bars and More!

Pierceoff has long offered a range of the best jewellery for all the various male genital piercings. We know that a high-quality, secure item is crucial especially with these sorts of piercings.

Heavy Gauge and high-quality Penis Piercing Jewellery!

Our superb range of rings and bars cover the best quality materials - look no further than our surgical stainless steel and titanium items. We not only know of the appeal for stretched piercings so stock a selection of heavy gauge rings and bars. With the thicker jewellery comes the possiblity of the difficulty of inserting and removing the jewellery, to this we have some great solutions in our screw-in ball rings, hinged segment rings and more! Gold and black PVD coated titanium is also on offer in a number of different jewellery types.

Types of Genital Jewellery

  • Circular Barbell - A classic item of jewellery, perfect for a number of piercings and available in heavy gauge in various sizes. Having the ball removeable makes this so easy to insert and remove.
  • BCR - Another classic of the body jewelley range, nothing quite beats the look of this type of ring. Tools may be needed to insert and remove this item due to the ball being held in place by the pressure of the ring.
  • Screw-In Ball Ring - If you want the look of a heavy-gauge BCR but want an easy-to-use item then this is the product for you! The ball screws in and out, giving you the look of a BCR without the need for any ring opening tools.
  • Bananabell - A great option for certain piercings, we have sourced a great heavy gauge, internally threaded version which is not something you can get very easily!
  • Hinged Segment Ring - Another great solution when you want a heavy gauge smooth ring but have problems with opening and closing the standard pressure fitted rings. The simple hinged mechanism makes opening and closing a cinch while maintaining a smooth surface when closed.
  • Barbell - We carry only the best quality barbells, in a range of sizes and including heavy gauge (up to 10mm in some cases). Internally threaded at the larger gauges, do not compromise!
  • Monster Ring - Going big? This is a hardcore version of the Screw-In Ball Ring, larger size but same fantastic quality!
  • Tribal Dream Rings - One of the original solutions to the desire for a completely smooth ring. The ring is actually two halfs locked together with a countersunk standard philips-head screw. So simple to use!

Banner Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash