Steel Basicline® Screw In Ball Ring

Product Code: PO-SIB
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The Screw in Ball Ring from the Steel Basicline(r) range is the little brother of the Monster Ring and a great heavy gauge alternative to the Ball Closure Ring. As a lookalike to the Ball Closure Ring it has a ball that is not clipped but screwed into the ring. This results in jewellery that is much easier to insert and remove than the ball closure ring!

The Following sizes are available:
Ring Thickness: 4mm (6ga)
Internal Diameter: 10mm, 12mm – Ball Diameter: 6mm
Internal Diameter: 15mm, 19mm, 22mm – Ball Diameter: 8mm

Stem Thickness: 5mm (4ga)
Internal Diameter: 10mm – Ball Diameter: 6mm
Internal Diameter: 12mm – Ball Diameter: 8mm
Internal Diameter: 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 26mm – Ball Diameter: 10mm

Stem Thickness: 6mm (3ga)
Internal Diameter: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm – Ball Diameter: 10mm
Internal Diameter: 22mm – Ball Diameter: 11mm
Internal Diameter: 26mm – Ball Diameter: 12mm

Stem Thickness: 7mm (2ga)
Internal Diameter: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 26mm – Ball Diameter: 10mm

Stem Thickness: 8mm (0ga)
Internal Diameter: 12mm, 16mm – Ball Diameter: 13mm
Internal Diameter: 19mm, 22mm, 26mm – Ball Diameter 16mm

This article is also available in Titanium Highline(r) (XIB) and as in heavy gauge as Monster Ring (MON).

Quality at an affordable price point

By: on 24 January 2022
This material is a good quality smooth finish and made of bio-compatible steel. It feels comfortable and has not generated the irritation that some lesser quality steel jewellery can cause. The ball was easy to unscrew and screw in and has been secure in my piercing for the past week without any slippage of the thread. The only downside I’ve noticed with this design so far is that it was impossible to insert while mated with an insertion pin, because the angle of the end meant the other end of the ring was too close to the pin to allow it to pass the skin through the gap. I was lucky that it went easily through the gap after passing the pin completely, without mating them together. I’m satisfied with the purchase and looking forward to trying the others in this range.

Screw In Ball Ring : 4mm (6ga) x 22mm

6 January 2022
great product


18 November 2021
Was exactly what I was looking for great quality and size options.

Great quality

By: on 19 June 2019
Love this screw in ball ring. Large thread will stop thread stripping and tightens firmly. Thank you.

Steel Screw in ball ring

By: on 15 August 2018
These look bad ass and are easy to use.

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