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Buy Blackline - The Original Black Body Jewellery at PierceOff

Using advanced PVD technology as a surface enhancement on medical grade titanium Jewellery, Blackline body jewellery was created as the original and best black body jewellery! At PierceOff we stock this groundbreaking jewellery that still holds up as the best black body jewellery on earth. Blackline is a G23 surgical titanium base with a black coloured PVD coating - technology that has been proven to be biocompatible and permanent through extensive trails and testing. Blackline is autoclavable and ultra safe, colourfast and scratchproof as well making it one of the ultimate body piercing jewellery materials.

Shop Our Blackline Range

Browse the full Blackline range which covers all your basic piercing jewellery as well as added decorative and unique pieces. From labrets to barbells and many more, take a look at the Blackline range for a premium quality black range of titanium jewellery, or alternatively, check our the Zircon Gold range, that uses the same PVD coating technique to produce gold coloured jewellery.

Purchase high quality body jewellery from Pierceoff!

Make sure you browse our extensive range of high quality body jewellery in our online shop and make the most of our awesome free shipping deals (free shipping starts when you spend $15). But not only our body jewellery is the only thing that is safe, our online checkout is safe and secure, so you have peace of mind when ordering on our website.