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Navel Piercings & Belly Button Piercing Jewellery

Navel piercings (commonly called Belly Button piercings) are such exotic piercings and one of the most popular forms of body art. A navel generally means a piercing through the top of the navel though variations do exist (see below).

Types of Navel Piercings

The main type of navel piercing is through the top lip of the navel although occasionally they are done through the bottom lip of the navel. A less common navel piercing is the horizontal navel piercing which sits at the side of the navel and is usually done in combination with the other side for balance. Double navel piercings or several nalve piercings are also further variations where the combinations of piercings fit together to form a Mulit-navel piercing configuration.

Navel and Belly Button Jewellery Options

The curved barbell or bananabell is the navel piercing jewellery and is what most people mean when talking about a belly button ring or belly button bar. Navel jewellery comes in so many different styles and materials that the possbilities are endless. There are jewelled navels, plain navels, navels with charms or dangling pieces, different bottom shapes and many more!  That is why we have such a large selection of navel piercing jewellery as we know the pursuit of a unique piece that is the look we want.

Less common (though completely legitimate options) are rings such as BCRs (ball closure rings), CBBs (circular barbells), hinged segment rings or other types of rings.

Navel Piercing Inspiration:

girl with belly button piercing wearing a butterfly dangle navel bar jewellery stylish girl with navel double jewelled piercing
fashionable woman with double navel piercing woman wearing a dangling navel belly button bar

Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash
Photo by aykut bingül on Unsplash
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