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Ear Stretching Jewellery - Ear Stretchers, Flesh Tunnels, Plugs, Eyelets and Tunnels/Tubes

Are you looking for some new jewellery for your stretched ears (or other stretched piercings)? Well discover our extensive collection of ear stretchers, flesh tunnels, plugs, flared eyelets and ear tunnels and tubes!  Here at Pierceoff, we cater for all sizes (gauges) and tastes, covering the latest styles as well as classic must-haves!

Types of Stretched Ear Jewellery

A wide variety of body jewellery is available for stretched ears (and stretched body piercings) and many factors can effect people's own personal choices when it comes to their individual jewellery selections.  So we are going to break things down for you:

  • Ear Stretchers - more commonly referred to as tapers and expanders, ear stretchers are specifically shaped tools to enable you to stretch your piercings. Normally not worn as jewellery, we do recommend that you go to a professional Piercer to stretch your piercings if you are less experienced.
  • Flesh Tunnels - One of the must-have pieces of jewellery! Flesh tunnels have a lip on the front of the jewellery and normally a threaded section on the back to secure it in place enabling you to insert and remove the jewellery easily. 
  • Flared Eyelets - An absolute classic! These hollow eyelets have a flared edge which not only keeps your jewellery in place but also creates a wonderful lip that makes your stretched piercing look bigger than it is. They are normally made quite thin to get that lovely flush transition from the eyelet to your skin. Eyelets can either be single flared (flare on one side of the jewellery and usually secured in place by an o-ring on the back) or double flared which has a flare on both sides. Something to bear in mind is that depending on the size of the flare, some have troubles inserting double flared eyelets as getting the flare through the lobe requires your lobe to effectively be able to stretch up a size or two.
  • Plugs - Making up a huge percentage of any stretched ear jewellery range for good reason with the solid plug enabling infinite amounts of designs to be created.  These can have engraved surfaces, pictures inlayed, adornments or just smooth surfaces and many more - the possibilities are literally endless.  Plugs can be flared or straight.
  • Ear Tunnels & Tubes - Differing from the Flesh Tunnels in that they do not have a lip or threaded section, tunnels are generally secured in place by two o-rings (one on the front and one on the back). A surgical stainless steel tube with two o-rings is a simple and traditional look!
  • Spirals & Hanging Jewellery - Usually in the form of organics (wood, stone etc), hanging jewellery come in many decorative shapes and include weights of which we have some great brass versions.  Spirals and hanging jewellery are a very unique look and something completely different to the normal plugs, tunnels and eyelets.

Despite people having their favourite/go-to items with the massive selection of jewellery types, designs and materials you will definitely end up with an extensive collection, so start shopping!

Got a question about Ear Stretchers?

If you have a question or query about ear stretchers we are here to help, just get in touch via the form on our contact us page or email us at