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Guide to Piercings: Ear Lobe

Guide to Piercings: Ear Lobe main image Guide to Piercings: Ear Lobe image

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Easily the most common of body piercings, the earlobe piercing is one of the most widely accepted forms of body modifications and one that the majority of people first start with. When we talk of lobe piercings we normally refer to piercings placed directly in the centre of the lobe and this can extend from one to multiple piercings.  However, variations in the form of traverse (horizontally through the lobe), vertical lobes and of course the stretched lobe are all included in the overall grouping of lobe piercings.

Heal Time & Aftercare

The standard form of the lobe piercing is one of the least painful to get and one of the easiest to care for in terms of healing.  Additionally, the healing time tends to be one of the quickest when a good aftercare regime is in place, generally 6 to 8 weeks.  Obviously we recommend going to a professional piercer (that pierces with needles) as they can not only give you a safe piercing but also provide you with professional aftercare advice.

  • Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands - dirty hands can carry bacteria that can be transferred to the piercing and cause infection and irritation.
  • Do not spin the jewellery - this will irritate your piercing while it is trying to heal and risks introducing bacteria into the piercing.
  • Do not change your jewellery too soon - many people want to change the jewellery quite soon after getting the piercing done, doing so before the piercing has fully healed railings the risks of infections and at the very least sets the healing time back as all the natural healing is disrupted by the change.



Type of Jewellery

Earlobe piercings are extremely versatile with so many possibilities and jewellery available. Generally most lobe piercings are performed around the 1.0mm (18ga) or 1.2mm (16ga) size. Most of us are familiar with the common earring stud with a butterfly back (which we offer here) but in body piercing circles barbells, rings (ball closure rings, segment and circular barbells) or labret-style jewellery are the standard. These can come variety of different tops, from claw-set jewels gems to plain balls and in many different materials as well. Having said that, sticking to titanium or high quality surgical stainless steel is advised to avoid any issues relating to allergic reactions.


Young blonde woman with multiple ear piercings

Ear Studs

Ear Studs are the classic option for ear lobe piercings.  Whether it is a smooth ball stud or a beautiful clawset crystal for something special, there is an ear stud for all occasions.

Young fashionable man with upper ear piercings

Hinged Segment Rings

Hinged Segment Rings are the perfect option when you want a complete hoop that is easy to insert and remove.  The hinged mechanism makes opening and closing the ring a cinch!

Cool man with beard and stretched lobes


The staple for any stretched lobe (or piercing for that matter), plugs come in a huge variety of materials and styles.  Top tip: Wood plugs are great for healed stretched lobes, comfortable and natural!


Ear piercing in general has been a practice dating all the way back to Ancient times.  In fact on the oldest mummified body found to date, the 5,300 year old Ötzi the Iceman had evidence of pierced ears.  Additionally, the oldest earrings have been found in a grave dating 2500 BCE.  There are many artistic and written references to earrings from many of the ancient civilisations (Sumerian, Minoan and Lothal) as well as many biblical references to earrings.

A general recurrent theme of a sign of nobility and weath (as with most jewellery) has existed over the ages, although again the ear piercing has always seemingly survived amongst the common. Particular reasons for ear piercings are sailors, who held the superstition that piercing one ear would improve eyesight or the gold or silver pay for their burial if their body was washed up on shore for other cultures or periods of history it was purely a fashion article.  Earrings have passed in and out of fashion amongst different groups throughout the ages but in the modern ages starting in the 1960s ear piercing has gained popularity and acceptance across society to the level we find it at today.



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