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The Curated Ear: A Personalised Fashion Statement

The Curated Ear: A Personalised Fashion Statement main image The Curated Ear: A Personalised Fashion Statement image


Multiple ear piercings creating a fashion statement, we are in love with "The Curated Ear"

Conch, rook, snug, daith, helix - there are so many different types of ear piercings that sometimes we lose track of them all!  But this amount of different piercings opens up countless possibilities for unique combinations and looks.

So what exactly is The Curated Ear, is it consecutive rings in multiple lobe piercings? Or maybe stacked jewelled studs along the upper ear cartilage?  Well it is all about layering the jewellery and looking at the overall combined look of the piercings as a whole.  Through careful jewellery selection, thinking about piercing placements to compliment each other as well as complimenting your individual look you can create an beautifully arranged curated ear.  Not only can you create bold new fashion statements, you can also breath new life into those "older" piercings, that helix that you've had for ages can be a main attraction in a decorative ear.

The options in jewellery are almost limitless, a lot of the ear piercings are so versatile that you can wear many different types of jewellery in them, so the choices are up to you!  The main jewellery types we are seeing used in these arrangements are smooth rings (such as these segment rings) or jewelled studs.


Take a look at the below for some inspiration:


Pictures courtesy of:

Photo by 丁亦然 on Unsplash
Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels
Photo by ALLAN FRANCA CARMO from Pexels
Photo by ALLAN FRANCA CARMO from Pexels

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By: on 18 April 2020
I had an industrial done on one of my ears over a decade ago. 18 months ago I went for a double helix on the other ear. I want more cartilage piercings and now I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the industrial in the other ear, because the ear it’s in would’ve been a better shape for multiple piercings

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