Titanium Zirconline® Jewelled Threaded Balls

Product Code: PO-GSJ


Titan Zirconline® Jewelled Threaded Ball

The balls for the externally threaded barbells of the Titan Zirconline® are available with classy rhinestones. too! The balls are available in different combinations of diameter. threadsize and colour. Available stone colours are:
aurora boreal (AB). Amethyst (AM). Blue Zircon (BZ). Capri Blue (CB). Crystal Clear (CC). emerald Green (EG). light Blue (LB). sapphire Blue (SB) and Red (RE).

Available combinations:

Thread: 1.0 mm
Colour: AM. BZ. CB. CC. EG. LB. SB. RE
Ball: 3.0 mm

Thread: 1.2 mm
Colour: AB. AM. BZ. CB. CC. LB. SB. RE
Ball: 3.0 mm

Thread: 1.2 mm
Colour: AB. CC. LB
Ball: 4.0 mm

Thread: 1.6 mm
Colour: AB. AM. BZ. CC. EG. LB. RE. SB
Ball: 4.0 mm

Thread: 1.6mm
Colour: AB. AM. BZ. CC. LB. EG. SB
Ball: 5.0 mm

Thread: 1.6 mm
Colour: AB. BZ. CC. EG. LB. SB. RE
Ball: 6.0mm

During the coating of our jewellery by the physical vapour deposition system a thin and abrasion-resistant coat is laid on the jewellery. It complies around the Titan like a covering. without needing any further processing. The advantage of this kind of colour adaption to Black (Titan Blackline®) and gold (Titan Zircoline®) is. that the characteristics of the Titan are not influenced by its coloration. The biocompatibility is ensuRed. as this process is also used in the medical science (e.g. for implants).

The article can. like all basics. be sterilised in an autoclave and due to the skin friendliness of the material it is absolutely harmless to allergic persons.

This article is also available in the Titan Highline® (XSJ) and in the Titan Blackline® (KTJ).



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