Prong Set Triple Gem Industrial Barbell : 1.6mm (14ga) x 38mm x Clear Crystal

Product Code: PO-IND08
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Prong Set Triple Gem Industrial Barbell

Looks gorgeous and super easy to install!

By: on 26 April 2016
I purchased this piece as soon as I felt that my piercing was healed (approx 7 weeks) meaning that this is my first piece of jewelry! It was super easy to install, though I did need to fiddle with the middle piece a lot in order to get it to attach to the opposite bar. I feel that this issue can be fixed with more practice on my behalf however, as I am a complete newbie at this sort of thing and did not watch any tutorials beforehand. Speaking of tutorials, it would be awesome if you guys could have some tutorials on your website. There are plenty on YouTube, but it would really help you connect to your customers and show that you care. Another thing that I think would be great is if you dressed up the parcels a bit. The parcel that I received contained the important bits and pieces-the products that I ordered, the invoice, and a business card- however it would be really cool if you could maybe add a flyer with a bit of your company history (when it was established, who it was established by, etc) and some images from instagram of people wearing your products with the hashtag #pierceoff. I understand that this would be hard to do if you don't have many customers doing this, but it would be a great start and would really help you connect to your online customers. All in all ordering from your company was a great experience! Delivery was on-time, package was secure, and the pieces are good quality and look great!

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