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ear lobes

Information taken from "Body Piercing- Does it Hurt?" by Mark Eames

Description and Location
The Lobe is the soft fleshy part of the lower ear and consists of skin-covered connective fatty tissue.
Most commonly carried out with a specialist spring trigger ear lobe piercing gun. Bleeding is unlikely.
If the ear swells excessively, the jewellery can be replaced with a longer labret stud or a BCR.
Types of Suitable Jewellery
Fittin traditional ear jewellery too early can lead to infections and the formation of misshaped piercing holes. If you faithfully follow the aftercare instructions, in later years you will have a small smooth round hole in the lobe of each ear - never a slit.
Multiple Piercings
It is common, particularly amongst women, to have several piercings in each ear lobe. The distance between piercings should be carefully considered so that one piece of jewellery doesn't migrated into the hole of another, and to prevent the back clasps from overlapping. 

The Key to stretching is time and patience. Your body tissues need time between each stretching stage to adjust, heal and grow new cells. The slower you stretch the easier and more comfortable it will be and the further you will be ale to go.

If you do not allow sufficient time for tissue regeneration, your skin may tear and scar causing keloid tissue which can build up and not only prolong the healing process but will also limit future stretches.

As ear lobes get plenty of circulation they tend to heal quickly but the soft tissue is easy to injure if pushed too far too soon.

Lightly lubricate the ear and jewellery, gently pushing the stretching crescent from front to back until you feel resistance, supporting the tissue at the back of the ear.
A good time to do this is after a hot bath or shower as the warmth causes the tissue to expand and soften making your skin stretch more easily.

Water based or oil based lubricants can be used for example cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil etc. However, use oil based lubricants in moderation as these may make an oily film keeping oxygen out.

Remember although jewellery is measured in diameter, your body feels the circumference. The bigger you go, the greater the area you are increasing the stretch by, and the more difficult it will be, so it is more important that you do not rush these stages.


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Fake-Ear-Plug-Skull Fake-Ear-Plug-Skull

Fake Skull Ear Plug with 16g insertion bar. The Picture plates are either 6mm or 8mm and give the illusion of wearing plugs in stretched lobes.
Added 22/8/2005
Stretched-Lobe-1 Stretched-Lobe-1

Flared Eyelet in the lobe. Flared Eyelets have a flare one end and an "O" ring on the back to hold the piece in place. Barbells use up the outer lobe
Added 2/3/2005
Stretched Lobe Tania Stretched Lobe Tania

Inlaid Star Plug Borosilicate Glass
Added 1/3/2005
Stretched Lobe Tania Stretched Lobe Tania

12mm Pyrex Glitter Plug
Added 1/3/2005
Stretched Lobe Tania Stretched Lobe Tania

12mm Flesh Tunnel
Added 1/3/2005
Stretched Lobe Stretched Lobe

Large Ear Tunnel
Added 1/3/2005
Stretched Lobes Mal 2 Stretched Lobes Mal 2

Closer view of the Hybrid Plugs
Added 1/3/2005
Stretched Lobes Mal Stretched Lobes Mal

30mm Hybrid Sterling Silver and Horn Ear Tunnels
Added 1/3/2005
horizontal-lobe horizontal-lobe

Pierced horizontally across the lobe and a barbell fitted.
Added 1/3/2005
Ear Flesh tube Iain Ear Flesh tube Iain

Flesh Tubes have two O rings that hold them in place.
Added 28/2/2005
Ear-Flesh-Tube--Stace Ear-Flesh-Tube--Stace

Blackline Flesh Tunnel. Flesh tunnels have a fixed rim on one side and a removeable rim on the other end.
Added 28/2/2005
Tragas and Lobe Stretching Tragas and Lobe Stretching

Flared eyelet through the lower Lobe housing a large BCR. Flesh tunnel in the smaller stretching.
Added 28/2/2005
Ear-Project3 Ear-Project3

Heavy gauge Barbells.
Added 28/2/2005
Ear Lobes and Lip Nick Ear Lobes and Lip Nick

Flesh Tunnel in the stretched lobe and BCR in the Lip.
Added 23/2/2005
Tragus, Anti Tragus and Stretched LobeFlesh-Impressions Tragus, Anti Tragus and Stretched LobeFlesh-Impressions

A Plastic/Polymer ear Plug in the stretched lobe.
Added 18/10/2004
Stretched Lobe-Tunnel-Flesh-Imp Stretched Lobe-Tunnel-Flesh-Imp

Flared eyelet through a 25 or 30mm ear stretching.
Added 18/10/2004
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