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Tongues and labrets

Information taken from "Body Piercing- Does it Hurt?" by Mark Eames

Description and Location
A tongue piercing is usually fitted with a long barbell which passes through the tongue vertically from top to bottom, through the centre of the tongue. To avoid cutting through the fraenum, it is positioned slightly to one side underneath the tongue.
Types of Suitable Jewellery
A barbell of minimum 1.6mm stem thickness is fitted in the initial piercing. It must have a generous amount of spare length to allow for any amount of swelling. It is advisable to return to the piercing operative bewteen 7-21 days after the piercing in order to have the barbell shortened, returning again at regular intervals to have progressibley shorter barbells fitted.
The length of a barbell plays an important role in keepin the tongue piercing healthy. For example, too short a piece of jewellery can form small oval dents in the top surface of the tongue. On the other hand, too long a barbell an split the tongue and cause tooth and other complications. BCRs worn near the tip of the tonfue run the increased risk of tooth and gum damage.
Healing Time
Minimum two months.
Extra Care Considerations
Swelling is the primary concern with tongue pircings. Regular sucking of ice cubes can help keep this under control. Tightening of the threaded balls is essential to ensure that they don't become detached and inhaled.
Tongue Tied
This is the term used to describe the condition in people who have no space between the underside of their tongue and the floor of the mouth. In many cases piercing the tongue before having had corrective surgery is not possible.

Other Kinds of Tongue Piercing
Lingula Fraenum or Tongue Web
A horizontal piercing through the lower tongue fraenum, located on the underside of the tongue, in the flesh that joins the tongue with the floor of the mouth.

Labrets are mostly positioned in the centre of the lower lip about 5-10mm below the lip line. Lip and Labret piercings usually take between 6-10 weeks to fully heal, it is very rare to develop an infection because of the presence of the enzyme Ptyalin in the saliva of the mouth which inhibits bacteria. Swelling is usually experienced 2-3 days after the piercing and can last 7-10 days. The initial piercing must be done with a longer labret to accomodate this swelling and once it has gone down can be replaced with a shorter labret stud.
Lip and Labret piercings tend to move position on the inside of the lip a process called "nesting". By their very nature rings are more prone to do this than labrets which puts stress on the wound. When the lip is pierced the mucous memberane inside the mouth is cut and this membrane can then move back over the labret stud base plate. Eventually this skin will die off and leave a depression where the stud sits. This process can take weeks. Be aware that if the labret stud is too short for the piercing it can embed and will be very uncomfortable, in this case it is important to go back to yor piercer so that a longer length labret can be fitted until the swelling has gone right down and you are ready for your change over to a shorter labret.
Labrets are barbells with a threaded ball at one end of the post and a fixed flat plate at the other. These are used where a normal barbell is likely to be uncomfortable to wear. For example having the ball of a barbell between your lip and teeth could be very uncomfortable and is likely to rub away gums and tooth enamel. The flat plate of the labret stud is less obtrusive and sits more comfortably in the mouth.

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tickler-green tickler-green

Silicone Ticklers are designed to fit over a 6mm ball and come in a variety of colours.
Added 17/5/2006
Labret1[1] Labret1[1]

Simple labret piercing.
Added 20/4/2006
Lip-by-Lei Lip-by-Lei

Madonna Piercing
Added 14/11/2005
4mm-tongue-fresh-stretch 4mm-tongue-fresh-stretch

Stretching to 4mm
Added 14/11/2005
3mm-tongue-fresh-stretch 3mm-tongue-fresh-stretch

Stretching with a tapered pin
Added 14/11/2005
2.4mm-tongue,-3-x-14g-lip 2.4mm-tongue,-3-x-14g-lip

2.4mm Bar in tongue and 3 x 14g Ball closure ring in lip
Added 14/11/2005
Labrets 2 Labrets 2

Notes from Lei: "I finally did my 2 labret piercings on myself. I used the 2 1.2mm needles and bioplast stems I bought from you with 3mm balls, so I'm very proud of myself for doing it BUT:(, I got the right one crooked. When I pierced I went slowly through the flesh, not the firm straight through way as you do on others, and I found it very difficult trying to pierce my labrets straight hence the crooked right one. I did it in the mirror from the inside out, putting the needle tip in the right spot then trying to line everything up straight (very very hard), I even went to my room and layed down when I did the first one cause I was procrastinating with the needle tip gently buried into my mouth. The second one was better but I kept moving the clamp higher as I was pushing through, I moved it back down again but it was too late and the needle had tunneled too far through, but hey F***ing A for my first self piercing attempt. Another thing I found difficult was putting the labret stem into the catheter tube... first one took 5 or more minutes, second one 20 seconds, hey I was getting better:) I will let my new additions settle down and review what I have done, what I love about piercings is that I can take them out and do them straighter.....I'm on cloud nine for my atempt anyway!"
Added 10/10/2005
Tongue-Web Tongue-Web

Barbell through the lingula Fraenum
Added 17/3/2005
labret labret

Standard Labret Stud with 5mm Steel Ball
Added 17/3/2005
Tongue Emily-and-Kara Tongue Emily-and-Kara

Tongue Bars
Added 11/3/2004
Tongue Horizontal Piercing Tongue Horizontal Piercing

Added 7/4/2003
Labret & Tongue Piercings Labret & Tongue Piercings

Filtrum or Medusa - Upper Lip Labret with a spike attachment. Lower labrets verticaly aligned below the lower lip.
Added 7/4/2003
Tongue Multiple Piercings Tongue Multiple Piercings

Added 7/4/2003
Tongue Piercing1 Tongue Piercing1

Added 7/4/2003
Tongue Piercing2 Tongue Piercing2

A tongue piercing is usually fitted with a long barbell which passes through the tongue vertically from top to bottom, through the centre of the tongue. To avoid cutting through the fraenum, it is positioned slightly to one side underneath the tongue. The length of a barbell plays an important role in keeping the tongue piercing healthy. Healing time is a minimum of two months.
Added 7/4/2003

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