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Nipples Male and female

Information taken from "Body Piercing- Does it Hurt?" by Mark Eames

Both men and women will usually be asked to undress to the waist. It is important to be seatd for this piercing so that the chest or breast is hanging normally. The area will be cleaned and forceps gently applied to hold the nipple still during piercing. Expect some bleeding for a few minutes. A dresing should be applied after the piercing has been checked in a mirror.
Nipple being erectile, have a tendency to change dramatically in shape. To ensure that the piercing is at the very base of the nipple, it is important that the nipple be erect during the marking of the skin. The piercing will be marked at the base of the nipple as close to the breast as possible, at the point where the niple jois the areola.
Where necessary an area, of aproximately 50mm around the areaola, should be cleared of body har. The piercing will be marked at a distance on the areaola at either side of the nipple.
Sweling occurs quickly, but is not usually too severe, reducing to normal after two weeks. Increased sensation occurs, which can cause tenderness and, in some cases, a re-occuring mild swelling. 
Healing Time
Full healing can be as early as four months, but usually it needs at least six. Nipples can appear to have healed and then suddenly a small secretion appears as a crust on the jewellery. This is usually s a result of a monthly change in hormone levels and in the case of women the rising of a fluid to maintain the opening of the milk ducts.
Types of Suitable Jewellery
The skin of the nipple is easily torn if snagged, and therefore a minimum 1.6mm stem thickness on the jewellery is recommended. Both BCRs and Barbells are commonly worn. Jewellery can be customised using the large array of add-ons and shields which are available.

Female Nipple
Description and Location
The nipple is commonly pierced for both visual and sexual pleasure. Most popularly pierced horizontally from side to side, more unusul i the vertical top to bottom or diagonal piercing. Legal minimum age requirements generally apply 16 years and over generally being the case.
Extra Care Considerations
During the first few weeks after the piercing, improved comfort can be found by wearing breast pads designed for nursing mothers.(Many piercing operatives aren't keen on this practise due to the possibility of bacterial infection if the pads are not changed frequently enough. Prefering exposure to light and air as often as possible.)
Female breases and nipples may change in size and shape during the monthly cyle. This should be noted and considered when selecting any new jewellery. If small lumps occur behind the nipple, these should be investigated by a medical practitioner.
Breast Feeding
Available research upon the impact of nipple piercing on breast feeding is poor. Women who have been pierced have reported few or no difficulties. Usually, when the nipple is pierced, only a few milk ducts are severed; many more remain intact, allowing a regular flow of milk from the breast. Some mothers keep their jewellery in place whilst others remove it when feeding their babies. A note of caution: any balls or beads could become loosened and there is a danger of the infant inhaling or swallowing the jewellery.
Body Modification
Some people have their nipples pierced in an attempt to reverse inverted nipples. Indeed, Victorian doctors used to prescribe nipple piercing as a potential cure for both inverted and small nipples in order that they would be better able to breast feed. Some women like to train their nipples to become longer. By fitting rings or collars around the nipple and gradually changing them with collars of a greater thickness, the nipple will become stretched in length.
Brooch Piercing
This is worn, mainly by women, off centre and in the uer part of the breast. It is often customised with great effect by wearing a shield or add-on made of silver or gold, or UV plastic for clubbing. The appearance is very much like of a brooch, but, instead of being worn on the clothing, it is worn on the skin.
Cleavage Piercing
A piercing placed in the centre of the breasts, again this is generally worn by women. A vertical curved barbell, when wearing a low-cut top, gives an appearance similar to that of the pendant piercing.

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Spiked-Nipple-2 Spiked-Nipple-2

Note from MJBT "Just thought I'd send you an image my husband took for me of my Nipple Rings with multiple long spikes, 16g (1.6mm) Inside Diameter 9/16" (14mm). Hope everyone thinks they look ok. Did not have any problems with healing etc."
Added 28/11/2006
Spiked-Nipple-1 Spiked-Nipple-1

Spiked Nipple Collar image sent in by MJBT
Added 28/11/2006
Bioplast Nipple Piercing 2 Bioplast Nipple Piercing 2

Notes from Lou "Just thought I'd send you an updated image of my bioplast nipple piercing. Once the swelling went down I trimmed the bar right down for a nice snug fit. It's really comfortable and healed much faster than my other piercings." See below for the initial piercing - Bioplast Nipple Piercing 1
Added 10/7/2006
2ga-Rings 2ga-Rings

Double nipple piercings with 2g (6mm) Ball Closure Rings
Added 20/4/2006
Bioplast-Nipple-Piercing 1 Bioplast-Nipple-Piercing 1

Notes from Lou "Hi there, I am a regular at your wonderful site and just thought I'd congratulate myself on a self-piercing done well. I am a vet so am pretty good at using needles and catheters so have been piercing myself at whim for a while. I did my nostril myself and used a bioplast stem with excellent results. Last week I decided I'd do my own nipple. Quite an ask...I numbed the nipple with an ice cube and marked each side with a piercing marker trying to get it as level as possible. I then clamped it and proceeded to grit my teeth! It was surprisingly painless compared to what I had expected. What did shock me was how tough the darn thing was to get through. I chose to use a 14 guage bioplast stem along with 2 gold zircon 4mm jewelled balls . I chose bioplast because it is light, hypoallergenic and after the swelling has subsided I can trim it to the desired length and screw the balls back on. I decided against a ring because I have been told that some nipples "push them out", expecially in larger breasted women. I love the result and can't wait till it's healed enough to wear some of the beautiful nipple shields you guys carry".
Added 12/4/2006
Nipple-vertical_v1 Nipple-vertical_v1

Ball Closure Ring Through the horizontal Piercing and Barbell through the Vertical Piercing
Added 25/8/2005
Nipple-Double3 Nipple-Double3

Added 25/8/2005
Nipple-Double2 Nipple-Double2

Added 25/8/2005
Nipples-Horizontal-and-Vertical Nipples-Horizontal-and-Vertical

Barbell in Vertical Piercing with Ball closure ring through Horizontal Piercing
Added 25/7/2005
Nipple-Close-Up-Greg Nipple-Close-Up-Greg

Added 25/7/2005
Nipple-Jewellery-Carol Nipple-Jewellery-Carol

Ornamental Drops on Barbell
Added 8/7/2005
Nipple Paul Nipple Paul

Blackline circobell
Added 9/3/2005
Nipple-Piercing-4 Nipple-Piercing-4

One Horizontal and one vertical bar
Added 9/3/2005
Nipple-Piercing-3 Nipple-Piercing-3

Vertical Nipple piercing with a horizontally placed Circular Barbell
Added 9/3/2005
Nipple Piercing Karl and Anders Nipple Piercing Karl and Anders

Karl from Puncture Body Piercing Maroochydore piercing Anders The Piercing Guy.Where necessary an area of aproximately 50mm around the areola, should be cleared of body hair. The piercing will be marked at a distance on the areola at either side of the nipple. Full healing can be as early as four months, but usually it needs at least six.
Added 7/4/2003
Nipple Piercing with Pendant Nipple Piercing with Pendant

Horizontal Nipple Piecing with an adornment suspended from the bar.
Added 7/4/2003
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